Black Dragon- Absolution


Black… the primordial void. The beginning and the end. What was in the beginning before all else?
Spirit wants us to go back to the beginning. What is the true nature of your spirit? What did you lock away in your shadow because you were conditioned to believe it was “bad”? You are missing pieces of yourself. Go back…

The Black Dragons are absolute. When they speak, you listen…
We are meant to take the energy of the Full Moon Eclipse, and go back…
Back to the void. Who are you? What is in the shadow you keep locked away? Why are you afraid of healing? Why are you afraid of being your TRUEST self?

Spiritually or metaphysically Eclipses are essentially doorways leading towards higher dimensions of being. During this eclipse, spirit is focused on your transformation to help you align with your highest self. Huge shifts in energy, and consciousness are happening in the very moment! It’s time to step up on multiple levels, and just keep in mind that eclipses are also known to trigger necessary life changes.⠀

Are you needing some sort of push to realign you with your highest purpose?
Support yourself in making the most of this period by detaching from the outcome and letting go. Stay present, centered, and adaptable to be ready for the unexpected.⠀

Absolution… letting go/ release of guilt, shame, fear… But first you have to see and feel it. You can’t change something you don’t acknowledge ????

This eclipse I’ll be working with Draconian energy and finishing the Absolution oil and candle.

  • Primrose
  • Dark Amber
  • Nightshade
  • Infused with Black Obsidian

 yes… nightshade. So as good as it smells, DO NOT put more than a few drops on your body.
This oil is not intended to be a “body oil”. It is a tool for your shadow work. Use it in candles, on tools, etc as an anointing oil… anything but slathering it all over your body. I think common sense would suggest but.. for legal reasons I have to say… don’t ingest it ????

*I use coconut, sweet almond, and jojoba as the base for this oil. I will normally switch the oil bases for allergy purposes…. this one, I CANNOT. So please do not order if you are sensitive to any of the oils.

*All Oils have crystal chips in them. Shaking is fine, just let everything settle to the bottom before you use it to avoid injury.

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