30 Minute Session


30 Minute sessions are great for those getting their first reading. Also those who just want quick insight to a question/situation. I use Tarot, Oracle, Gypsy, and La Baraja Española and let you decide which deck(s) you’d prefer. Spirit will always lead the way  PERIOD… so the cards are for you, not me. Pick whatever deck you’d like babe.

Once you book, you will get an e-mail within 24-72 hrs for scheduling. You will always be given a 24 hour notice of your date and time. If the slot doesn’t work for you, we can choose another opening. Readings are done in person (if local), video chat service, or phone call. The choice is yours. 

Includes Reiki for clearing and healing. You may opt out and use the time for reading only if you wish.

If you fail to give adequate notice of need to reschedule, or don’t show up for your reading, no refund will be given.

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