08-08-21 New Moon in Leo/Lion’s Gate

8/08 New Moon in ♌️
I will be doing a fire cleansing ritual (like last year). Burning away unwanted energy and attachments, scorching negativity, and leaving ego struggles in the ashes. 🔥 cleansing and finding our balance.
Use this energy to ignite a fire in your spirit to BECOME… do, create, be who your higher self already knows you are.
What areas in your life/self do you need your lion’s heart the most? Where do you need courage, strength, and power?
Drop me a line when joining at checkout😘
Patreons from the Dragon’s Den and up are usually included in New Moon 🌚 services… but with the Lion’s Gate portal opening in sync with this moon, you know imma do it…ALL PATREONS Lion Gate up WILL BE INCLUDED ????????????????  Please send me your petition via email, or message in Patreon.
Let’s get it!!!

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