Who Am I?

You ever heard that song ‘Mambo Italiano”? That’s me????????‍♀️, that song is about putting everything in a pot, having fun, and creating magick! I am a blend of two worlds that never should have been, but was, and bloomed into something beautiful. I was passed the gift of magick, and sight from my mother. As she received it from her mother (born with the veil), and her mother before her. And so on… Generations of magick and vision.

I have lived my whole life in the shadows, knowing I was different, and hiding from the world because that’s what I was taught, and that’s what’s socially acceptable right? NOPE! I was unhappy, and felt caged. When I started teaching my daughters (my sons are seers and don’t want to “practice”), that’s when everything changed. I tell them to be authentic to self, honest and open. Yet they see me hiding my things when I have company, and “mommy… do they know what you are?” I was being a hypocrite. That simultaneously broke my heart, and lit a fire in me. We ain’t hiding no more!

We live in a different time now, and I have to show my kids, and others in the “broom closet”, there is nothing to fear, or be ashamed of! This is who we are! I want to help change the stigma, and fear around the word “witch”. We were healers, midwives, wise-women, and leaders before we were thrown in a box and called “evil”. All because people in control didn’t want us to know how powerful we are. “You can be close to God, and connect yourself?!…like on your own????… oh we can’t have that!! BURN THE WITCH!”

We are in a time that needs healing, openness, love, compassion, and TRUTH. I am here to help you realize, and step into your own power. I’m not here to tell you what to believe. That is between you and God. I respect everyone’s practice, and beliefs. I am about Universal oneness, and connection to Source. However you make the choice to get there… that’s all you boo… do you! I am here to uplift you, help you on your road to healing, tell you the truth, and empower you to get to your greatest, and highest good. You can manifest the life you want, and be the person you are destined to be. You have a universe inside of you my pretties❤

…and so it is,


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