Mambo’s Academy-Level 2 Summer 2021


Did you take my intro course and now you’re read to move forward?… I GOTCHU!

You will learn:

  • Properties/uses for herbs and flowers
  • How to create your sacred space
  • Guidelines of color meanings
  • Why/when for candle magick
  • Outline of elemental magick
  • and so much more!

Live sessions will be held on a designated day of the week that fits into each participants schedule. There will be practice posts, articles, book recommendations, and live demonstrations.

Each course will be in a small group setting. I want everyone to feel fully supported, and comfortable. I will be hosting the course on Zoom. Lives, and course materials will be saved in our Google Classroom. However, if you’d like to keep you participation confidential, I will give you the option to get all lives, practice exercises, and discussions behind the scenes.

Before the first live broadcast, all participants will have a one on one personal session with me to gauge level and/or ability, desired path, and overall energy read.

This course is a deeper understanding of Universal Oneness, and how to/when to call on external energies (ex. herbal spirits). My goal is not to tell you what to believe, or what practice is best. This system will give you a baseline understanding you can use in ANY practice. This is going to be fantastic! I’m here to help you open your mind, and your heart. See you soon????????

Once you sign up you’re in. No refunds will be given. If you cannot attend the selected course, you will be enrolled into one that better fits your schedule needs.

DM or email for payment plans.

????????‍♀️There’s a Universe inside of you????????‍♀️




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