Lion’s Gate- Power & Strength


Conjured 8/8…the peak of the Lion’s Gate portal. This oil was created to light a fire under your ass! The strength and power Leo is known for. The confidence and charisma you roll your eyes at to the ruler of the zodiac. The fierceness you expect from a LION. Use as a body oil, or anointing oil anytime you need that touch of raaawwwrrr in you, or your situation.

  • Bee pollen
  • Sunflower
  • Chamomile
  • Honeysuckle
  • Lots of magic
  • Infused with Tigers Eye & Citrine

*I use coconut, sweet almond, and jojoba as the base for this oil.

*All Oils have crystal chips in them. Shaking is fine, just let everything settle to the bottom before you use it to avoid injury.

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