Full Moon in Cancer Community Service December 30 2020


Last full moon of 2020… and we are grounding ourselves back “home” ???? Cancer is the sign of home. Home can be your body, your actual home, family or friends. The parts of the body effected the most by this moon? Stomach, breast, WOMB! The mother, the nurturer, where you feel safe….Home????????

Whatever makes you feel at home. We’ve had ups and downs this year, riding the waves ???? . We will take this water energy of Cancer and cleanse and clear. Strengthening our foundation, our roots to bring us back home and prepare for 2021. You can’t build castles ???? on a salt foundation. If you feel 2020 has dragged you… let’s remove that energy and mindset.

Clearing and strengthening your foundation so you can build your “home” and fortify it to hold all of the blessings 2021 has to offer. As per usual there’s nothing you need to do on your end just be open and set your intentions. I will post updates on IG, FB, and Patreon since this is an open service with joiners from all platforms ????????

Please leave your full name in the notes section ???? ????Patreons Astral Plane and higher are automatically included????

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