Ancestral Veneration Course


Let’s talk about Ancestral Veneration. I’m sure you’ve heard the term with so many coming to this practice. But what is it exactly? The most common question I get is “how do I connect more with my ancestors?” . That question in itself is ancestor lead.

This course is designed for EVERYONE! We will discuss how AV reconciles with most popular faith based systems as well. In this course we will briefly discuss the history of ancestral veneration. Understand why it’s so important and beneficial.

We will go over tips and recommendations on how to connect with your ancestors and honor them. I will also give an example of how to write petitions, set up altars, how and when to give offerings, etc.

The course will be held May 2nd on Zoom (100 maximum participants so grab a slot). You can join the meeting anonymously for privacy as well.

I hope to see you there ????????

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