9-02-20 Full Moon in Pisces


Pisces is… let’s say imaginative. They spend so much time “daydreaming”, sometimes reality gets… distorted. Hence why The Moon, is the card of Pisces… caution, delusion, confusion. The Moon tells us to rely on our intuition and trust what we KNOW!

Pisces is a highly intuitive sign, but if you don’t recognize your “awareness” … it can turn into fear and paranoia. Pisces thinks “Earth is so ghetto and I hate it here”, so they spend a lot of time in their own heads where it’s “comfortable”. THAT is the energy of this moon and it’s hard for some of y’all… we can tell. It’s ok… we are gonna opening up that crown and third eye to let your awareness flow. Stop fighting it, and stop trying to swim upstream. Flow????????‍♀️

We will be removing blockages from the two higher chakras, and strengthening the muscles???????? of your intuition I can only do the prep… YOU have to do the work. How? You ask?… Trust, and practice! Expand your mind so you can do new exciting things, and think in new ways.

Be sure I have your email! I will also be sharing a recipe for my “Dream” tea, and an “awareness” incense blend. I will send a video link the day of the full moon so you can make either one if you wish the night of. You can include one or both in your OWN full moon rituals/practices.

All Patreons Astral Plane and higher are automatically included in New AND Full Moon services. If you’d like to join my Patreon, click on subscriptions, and it will take you right to sign up. wait to join on the 1st ! But be sure you sign up before 6 pm EST to be included!

This Community Service will be open to everyone????????????????

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