8-18-20 New Moon in Leo

8/18 New Moon in ♌️ AND it’s on my solar return ????????????☀️????
I will be doing a fire cleansing ritual (if that wasn’t obvious). Burning away unwanted energy and attachments, scorching negativity, and leaving ego struggles in the ashes. We have been healing and stepping into our power the last few cycles. Buuut with new power comes new ego challenges. Check yaself, before… well you know the rest… We are ???? cleansing and finding our balance. All Patreons from the Dragon’s Den and up will… you know what?… ALL PATREONS WILL BE INCLUDED ???????????????? If you are not on my Patreon and participated in the New Moon in Cancer Community Service you can join here or send $35 to $bellamambo.
If you didn’t join the New Moon in Cancer…I will refund your money! These last few rituals were not meant to be quick fixes… we are changing you mindset. emotional body, and co-creating our lives! I told you… these are all connected, and there is a method to my madness heheeh. Let’s get it!!!

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