7-10-21 New Moon in Cancer


New Moon in Cancer… we are cutting cords… ” You wanna Fly… you gotta get rid of the shit that weighs you down” baby love. Sometimes we move on mentally, emotionally, and physically (so we think) … but we are still tied energetically. Sometimes we have fulfilled our purpose with a person/situation, yet we can’t seem to break away. We can’t move forward if we are being pulled back.

Finding a balance in our “Home”… what feels like home to you? Your body, family, where you live? What area of you “home” needs work? Sometimes we give more that we receive. We work more than we rest. We worry more than we live. “Show me where I need to focus my attention so my home may be whole and balanced.

We have been pushed, pulled, tested, and bent the last few cycles! Now is the time to step out of the past so we can fully jump into the future with absolute confidence, clarity, courage, and fearless of our own emotions.

And…we are taking our service TO THE OCEAN!! What a better place to clean our physical, mental, and emotional space?!? For this service I will be allowing you to purchase a small bouquet of flowers as offering and I will attach your personal petition. If you select that option… please don’t forget to put your name AND petition in the notes section.

This service is in preparation for (gotta stay ready :-))  Leo season. It’s about taking back your power and taking your place in the sun. Make sure your slate is clean so you can SHINE!

This ritual will be linked to the next New Moon Cycle… New moon in Leo. Cutting cores, release, then claiming the power that is yours!




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